Theory Group

The Theory research area of CA2DM focuses on the theoretical study of all matters related to 2D.

Using both analytical and computational methods, the research areas under this group try to predict the electronic structure and properties of this new 2D materials family.

Another important aim of this research area is to liaise with experimental groups in our centre in order to provide suitable propositions to observed phenomenas and give insights on future work based on new theoretical discoveries.

An outline of the research carried by the members of this group can be summarized as the following:

  • Graphene: All aspects;
  • Strongly correlated systems: Spin and charge density wave, Quantum magnetism, Superconductivity;
  • Ab initio electronic structure calculations;
  • Properties of advanced materials;
  • Prediction of new materials.
  • Disordered electronic systems;
  • Interacting electronic systems;