Jeroen Anton van Kan

Degree: PhD
Position: Faculty
Affiliation: Department of Physics
Research Type: Experiment
Office: S13-02-02

Research Interests:
  • Micro and Nano fabrication using: Proton Beam Writing (PBW), Nano Imprint Lithograph (NIL) and mold fabrication;
  • ​Micro & Nanofluidic lab on chip devices for single molecule detection and particle separation;
  • Materials modification using ion beams, e.g. Graphene, Magnetic materials and Diamond films;
  • Ion source development for next generation ion nano-probes.
Selected Publications:
  • N. Liu, X. Xu, R. Pang, P. S. Raman, A. Khursheed and J. A. van Kan, “Development and brightness measurement of an electron impact gas ion source for proton beam writing applications”, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87 (2016) 02A903-1;
  • C Zhang, A Hernandez-Garcia, K Jiang, Z Gong, D Guttula, SY Ng, PP Malar, JA van Kan, Liang Dai, PS Doyle, R de Vries, and JRC van der Maarel, Amplified stretch of bottlebrush-coated DNA in nanofluidic channels, Nucleic Acids Research, 41 (2013) No 20: e189​;
  • JA van Kan, P Malar, and Armin Baysic de Vera “The second generation Singapore high resolution proton beam writing facility”, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83 (2012) 02B902;
  • J.A. van Kan, C. Zhang, P. Malar and J.R.C. van der Maarel, “High throughput fabrication of disposable nanofluidic lab-on-chip devices for single molecule studies”, Biomicrofluidics 6 (2012) 036502;
  • C Zhang, PG Shao, JA van Kan and JRC van der Maarel, “Macromolecular crowding induced elongation and compaction of single DNA molecules confined in a nanochannel”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 106 (2009) 16651;
  • JA van Kan, AA Bettiol, and F Watt, “Proton Beam Writing of Three-Dimensional Nanostructures in Hydrogen Silsesquioxane”, Nano Letters, 6 (2006) 579.