Andrew Wee

Degree: PhD
Position: Faculty
Affiliation: NUS – Department of Physics
Research Type: Experiment

Research Interests:
Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and synchrotron radiation studies of the molecule-substrate interface, graphene and 2D materials, and related device studies

Selected 2D Publications:


  1. The effect of moiré superstructures on topological edge states in twisted bismuthene homojunctions
    J Gou, L Kong, X He, YL Huang, J Sun, S Meng, K Wu, L Chen, ATS Wee
    Science Advances 6 (23), eaba2773 (2020)
  2. Exchange bias in van der Waals CrCl3/Fe3GeTe2 heterostructures
    R Zhu, W Zhang, W Shen, PKJ Wong, Q Wang, Q Liang, Z Tian, Y Zhai, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Andrew TS Wee
    Nano Letters (2020)
  3. Can Reconstructed Se‐Deficient Line Defects in Monolayer VSe2Induce Magnetism?
    R Chua, J Yang, X He, X Yu, W Yu, F Bussolotti, PKJ Wong, KP Loh, Mark BH Breese, Kuan Eng Johnson Goh, Yu Li Huang, Andrew TS Wee, Advanced Materials, 2000693 (2020)
  4. Performance Improvement by Ozone Treatment of 2D PdSe2
    Q Liang, Q Zhang, J Gou, TT Song, * Arramel, H Chen, M Yang, SX Lim, Qixing Wang, Rui Zhu, Nikolai Yakovlev, Swee Ching Tan, Wenjing Zhang, Konstantin Novoselov, Andrew TS Wee
    ACS Nano (2020)
  5. Bi-stable electronic states of cobalt phthalocyanine molecules on two-dimensional vanadium diselenide
    L Zhang, T Yang, W Zhang, D Qi, X He, K Xing, PKJ Wong, YP Feng, Andrew Thye Shen Wee
    Applied Materials Today 18, 100535 (2020)


  1. Van der Waals magnets: Wonder building blocks for two‐dimensional spintronics?
    W Zhang, PKJ Wong, R Zhu, ATS Wee
    InfoMat 1 (4), 479-495 (2019)
  2. Three-Dimensional Resonant Exciton in Monolayer Tungsten Diselenide Actuated by Spin–Orbit Coupling
    CS Tang, X Yin, M Yang, D Wu, MD Birowosuto, J Wu, C Li, Chathuranga Hettiarachchi, Xin Yu Chin, Yung-Huang Chang, Fangping Ouyang, Cuong Dang, Stephen J Pennycook, Yuan Ping Feng, Shijie Wang, Dongzhi Chi, Mark BH Breese, Wenjing Zhang, Andrivo Rusydi, Andrew TS Wee
    ACS Nano 13 (12), 14529-14539 (2019)
  3. Metallic 1T Phase, 3d1Electronic Configuration and Charge Density Wave Order in Molecular Beam Epitaxy Grown Monolayer Vanadium Ditelluride PKJ Wong, W Zhang, J Zhou, F Bussolotti, X Yin, L Zhang, AT N’Diaye, Simon A Morton, Wei Chen, Johnson Goh, Michel P de Jong, Yuan Ping Feng, Andrew TS Wee
    ACS nano 13 (11), 12894-12900 (2019)
  4. Is Charge-Transfer Doping Possible at the Interfaces of Monolayer VSe2with MoO3 and K?
    L Zhang, X He, K Xing, W Zhang, A Tadich, PKJ Wong, DC Qi, ATS Wee
    ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (46), 43789-43795 (2019)
  5. Magnetic Transition in Monolayer VSe2via Interface Hybridization
    W Zhang, L Zhang, PKJ Wong, J Yuan, G Vinai, P Torelli, G van der Laan, Yuan Ping Feng, Andrew TS Wee
    ACS Nano 13 (8), 8997-9004 (2019)
  6. Selective self-assembly of 2, 3-diaminophenazine molecules on MoSe 2 mirror twin boundaries
    X He, L Zhang, R Chua, PKJ Wong, A Arramel, YP Feng, SJ Wang, D Chi, Ming Yang, Yu Li Huang, Andrew Thye Shen Wee
    Nature Communications 10 (1), 1-9 (2019)
  7. High-Energy Gain Upconversion in Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide Photodetectors
    Q Wang, Q Zhang, X Zhao, YJ Zheng, J Wang, X Luo, J Dan, R Zhu, Qijie Liang, Lei Zhang, PK Johnny Wong, Xiaoyue He, Yu Li Huang, Xinyun Wang, Stephen J Pennycook, Goki Eda, Andrew TS Wee
    Nano Letters 19 (8), 5595-5603 (2019)
  8. Modulation of New Excitons in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide‐Perovskite Oxide System
    X Yin, M Yang, CS Tang, Q Wang, L Xu, J Wu, PE Trevisanutto, S Zeng, Xin Yu Chin, Teguh Citra Asmara, Yuan Ping Feng, Ariando Ariando, Manish Chhowalla, Shi Jie Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Andrivo Rusydi, Andrew TS Wee
    Advanced Science 6 (12), 1900446 (2019)
  9. High‐Performance, Room Temperature, Ultra‐Broadband Photodetectors Based on Air‐Stable PdSe2
    Q Liang, Q Wang, Q Zhang, J Wei, SX Lim, R Zhu, J Hu, W Wei, C Lee, Chorng Haur Sow, Wenjing Zhang, Andrew Thye Shen Wee
    Advanced Materials 31 (24), 1807609 (2019)
  10. Evidence of spin frustration in a vanadium diselenide monolayer magnet
    PKJ Wong, W Zhang, F Bussolotti, X Yin, TS Herng, L Zhang, YL Huang, Giovanni Vinai, Sridevi Krishnamurthi, Danil W Bukhvalov, Yu Jie Zheng, Rebekah Chua, Alpha T N’Diaye, Simon A Morton, Chao‐Yao Yang, Kui‐Hon Ou Yang, Piero Torelli, Wei Chen, Kuan Eng Johnson Goh, Jun Ding, Minn‐Tsong Lin, Geert Brocks, Michel P de Jong, Antonio H Castro Neto, Andrew Thye Shen Wee
    Advanced Materials 31 (23), 1901185 (2019)
  11. Point Defects and Localized Excitons in 2D WSe2
    YJ Zheng, Y Chen, YL Huang, PK Gogoi, MY Li, LJ Li, PE Trevisanutto, Qixing Wang, Stephen J Pennycook, Andrew TS Wee, Su Ying Quek
    ACS nano 13 (5), 6050-6059 (2019)
  12. Unraveling High‐Yield Phase‐Transition Dynamics in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides on Metallic Substrates
    X Yin, CS Tang, D Wu, W Kong, C Li, Q Wang, L Cao, M Yang, YH Chang, Dianyu Qi, Fangping Ouyang, Stephen J Pennycook, Yuan Ping Feng, Mark BH Breese, Shi Jie Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Andrivo Rusydi, Andrew TS Wee
    Advanced Science 6 (7), 1802093 (2019)
  13. Conformal hexagonal-boron nitride dielectric interface for tungsten diselenide devices with improved mobility and thermal dissipation
    D Liu, X Chen, Y Yan, Z Zhang, Z Jin, K Yi, C Zhang, Y Zheng, Y Wang, Jun Yang, Xiangfan Xu, Jie Chen, Yunhao Lu, Dapeng Wei, Andrew Thye Shen Wee, Dacheng Wei
    Nature Communications 10 (1), 1-11 (2019)
  14. Ferromagnet/two-dimensional semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenide interface with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
    W Zhang, PKJ Wong, X Zhou, A Rath, Z Huang, H Wang, SA Morton, Jiaren Yuan, Lei Zhang, Rebekah Chua, Shengwei Zeng, Er Liu, Feng Xu, Ariando, Daniel HC Chua, Yuan Ping Feng, Gerrit van der Laan, Stephen J Pennycook, Ya Zhai, Andrew TS Wee
    ACS Nano 13 (2), 2253-2261 (2019)
  15. Synergistic additive-mediated CVD growth and chemical modification of 2D materials
    J Jiang, N Li, J Zou, X Zhou, G Eda, Q Zhang, H Zhang, LJ Li, T Zhai, Andrew T.S. Wee
    Chemical Society Reviews 48 (17), 4639-4654 (2019)