2D Materials Research

Examples of 2D materials include graphene, phosphorene, monolayers of transition metal chalcogenides and organic-inorganic perovskites. The activities of the 2D team focuses on exploring and exploiting the unusual physical and chemical properties of such 2D materials and its heterostructures with a vision to developing novel technologies in energy, sensing, and computing applications. In particular there are efforts to grow wafer scale 2D materials by CVD and MBE. Team members develop strategies to upscale the production of solution-exfoliated 2D materials. Members are particularly interested in the strain engineering of 2D materials, as well as spintronics, valleytronics and ferroelectrics. Available facilities include ultrafast lasers for nanophotonics, low temperature scanning probe and transport measurement systems.

Recent activities include:

  • 2D perovskites
  • Weyl metal
  • 2D heterostructures
  • Black phosphorous
  • Large scale growth of TMD
  • Strain engineering
  • Magnetic sensing
  • Topological insulators