Tang Ho Kin

Degree: PhD
Position: Research Fellows
Affiliation: NUS Centre for Advanced 2D Materials
Research Type: Theory
Office: S16-06-04 (Office 2)

Research Interest:
I am a computational physicist specialized in Monte Carlo method and machine learning. I have eight years of experience in applying and optimiizing quantum Monte Carlo method. My career goal is to develop an efficient algorithm in machine learning and Monte Carlo method to use in computational physics.

Quantum Monte Carlo; Machine Learning; Strongly correlated system; Graphene

Selected Publications:
  1. Tang, H. K., Leaw, Jia Ning, Rodrigues, J. N. B., Herbut, I. F., Sengupta, P., Assaad, F. F., & Adam, S. (2018). The role of electron-electron interactions in two-dimensional Dirac fermions. Science, 361 (6402) 570 (IF= 41.058, JCR Q1)
  2. Tang, H. K., Laksono, E., Rodrigues, J. N. B., Sengupta, P., Assaad, F. F., & Adam, S. (2015). Interaction- Driven Metal-Insulator Transition in Strained Graphene. Physical review letters, 115(18), 186602 (IF= 8.839, JCR Q1)
  3. Tang, H. K., Yang, X., Sun, J., & Lin, H. Q. (2014). Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thoules phase transition of spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas in optical lattice. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 107(4), 40003. (IF= 1.834, JCR Q3)