Darryl Foo Chuan Wei

Degree: PhD
Position: Research Fellow
Affiliation: NUS Centre for Advanced 2D Materials
Research Type: Theory

Research Interests:
  • Many-body localisation;
  • Quantum gases;
  • Strongly correlated electrons.
Selected Publications:
  • Diffusion Monte Carlo study of a spin-imbalanced two-dimensional Fermi gas with attractive interactions
    D. C. W. Foo and G. J. Conduit; Physical Review A; 100; 063602 (2019)
  • Communal pairing in spin-imbalanced Fermi gases
    D. C. W. Foo, T. M. Whitehead and G. J. Conduit; Europhysics Letters; 126; 67003 (2019)
  • Cooperative mechanosensitivity and allostery of focal adhesion clusters
    D. C. W. Foo and E. M. T. Terentjev; Physical Biology; 15; 026008 (2018)
  • A one-piece 3D printed flexure translationstage for open-source microscopy
    J. P. Sharkey, D. C. W. Foo, A. Kabla, J. J. Baumberg and R. W. Bowman; Review of Scientific Instruments; 87; 025104 (2016)