Opportunities and current landscape of transparent conductors

09/03/2017 @ 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Asia/Singapore Timezone
S16 Level 6 – Theory conference room
Opportunities and current landscape of transparent conductors @ S16 Level 6 – Theory conference room

Speaker: Mr Jax Lee (李佳兴)
Affiliation: Acting COO, Cima NanoTech
Host: Prof. Barbaros Oezyilmaz
Abstract Details: To discuss the opportunities and current landscape of transparent conductors (ITO, CNT, Graphene, Silver nano-wires, conductive polymers and metal meshes). Jax would be sharing his experiences on the phases, challenges and ingredients of bringing novel materials to commercialization, from lab to production to market. He would be offering his views on potential opportunities for new materials and expertise in the business development path to achieve the first minimum viable product and prototype.

About the Speaker: Jax Lee is the acting COO of Cima NanoTech, a nanomaterial company with more than 100 patents on unique nanoparticles manufacturing methods, dispersion technology and self-assembling technology for highly conductive transparent conductors. Jax plays a driving role in bringing Cima NanoTech unique SANTE® Technology from lab to pilot to mass production and industry applications.

Currently, Cima’s Technology is used in EMI shielding, transparent heating and large format projective capacitive touch modules. During 5 years with Cima, he established a joint venture partnership with Foxconn using SANTE® Technology to manufacture large format touch modules and kick-started many joint development programs with many notable materials suppliers. Previous at Cima, he was leading the efforts in setting up a greenfield manufacturing efforts of CdTe, thin-film photovoltaic in Singapore and China. He was involved heavily in designing, sourcing of localized process mass production equipment and selection of new compatible auxiliary materials for the assembly of solar modules. An alumus, he graduated at NUS Chemical Engineering, in his free time he is a keen scuba diver and hiker.