Molecular electronics at GHz: Rectification Ratio vs. Non-linearity

04/12/2017 @ 1:00 PM Asia/Singapore Timezone
S16 Level 6 – Theory conference room

Speaker: Dr Jorge Trasobares Sanchez
Abstract Details: Here we propose a study on high frequency molecular rectifiers [1] using an array of sub-15 nm single gold crystal as a suitable test bed for Molecular Electronics [2,3]. Firstly E-beam lithography was used for versatile fabrication of the arrays [4]. Later, the molecular functionalization of the ferrocenylalkyl thiol self-assembled monolayer was corroborated by XPS analysis and Electrochemical measurements. Cyclic voltammetry measurements show two molecular organizations with signatures of cooperative effects [3], a dense and a diluted phase localized on top and facets of the nanocrystals respectively. Finally, direct current and radio frequency (RF) properties were simultaneously measured with the tip of an Interferometric Scanning Microwave Microscope. From the RF measurements, we extrapolate a cut-off frequency of 520 GHz. A comparison with the silicon RF- Schottky diodes, architecture suggests that the RF-molecular diodes are extremely attractive for scaling and high frequency operation. At the end of the discussion I will examine the importance of strong non-linearity versus the rectification ratio for applications such as RF-mixers.

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