Biomedical applications of advanced 2D materials: the case of graphene

12/05/2020 @ 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Asia/Singapore Timezone

CA2DM Homely Atmosphere Online Seminars (CHAOS)

Speaker: Associate Professor Vinicius Rosa
Affiliation: Oral Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore
Abstract Details:
The current COVID-19 pandemic and its tremendous health and financial impacts call for a new approach in regards of using advanced materials in the war against microorganisms at the nanoscale. It is a fact that common surfaces are critical routes for contamination as they allow for the survival of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Thus, it is urgent to develop novel touchable materials with antiviral and antibiofilm potential.

In this webinar, Associate Professor Vinicius Rosa will discuss the use of nano-material coatings, such as graphene, in the worldwide fight against our common invisible enemies.

About the Speaker:
Vinicius Rosa is professor of dental biomaterials and faculty at Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and Department of Materials Science (NUS). He develops graphene-based strategies for biomedical purposes including tissue engineering, anti-biofilms, and anti-viral applications.

Vinicius Rosa is also a professor and program coordinator for Dental Materials in the National University of Singapore Faculty of Dentistry since 2012 and has been tenured to Associte Professor in 2019. Rosa also serves as Assistant Vice-Dean for Research (2019 to date) and is a Faculty at NUS Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and NUS Department of Materials Science.

Vinicius Rosa graduated as DDS in 2005 (University of Passo Fundo, Brazil) and completed the MSc (2007 and PhD (2010) in the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. During the MSc, Rosa has studied the mechanical properties of ceramics and in his PhD he has developed biomaterials that promoted the tissue regeneration of full length pulps with stem cells.

Today, Rosa merges in both materials science and biology to develops atomically thin materials for biomedical applications. His recent works have shown that scaffolds and films made of graphene can enhance the differentiation of stem cells, decrease biofilm formation and enhance integration of implants in vitro and in vivo. His work has been consistently published in high tiered journals for basic, dental and medical sciences. In addition, the Rosa’s group develops strategies to promote dental pulp regeneration and to evaluate the bioactivity of dental materials including the recent differentiation of functional odontoblast from induced pluripotent stem cells.

As contribution for the research society, Rosa serves as an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Dental Research (2018-2020) and Dental Materials (2020-to date), member of the scientific advisory board of the Journal of Endodontics (2019-to date) and Associate Editor for Journal of Prosthodontics (2019 – to date).

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