2D Materials Forum (March 2016)

18/03/2016 @ 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM Asia/Singapore Timezone
S16 Level 6 – Theory conference room

Speaker: Rostislav Aleksandrov Doganov
Affiliation: CA2DM, NUS
Abstract Details: This month marks two years since the first publications on exfoliated ultrathin black phosphorus. During this time the research on this novel 2D semiconductor has rapidly increased and now amounts to more than 500 papers. Our lab at CA2DM has been actively involved in the study of the electronic transport properties of few-layer phosphorene from the very start, and in this talk I will share my perspective on the topic. I will cover already published experimental results from the past two years, as well as recent results on the controllable electron doping of few-layer black phosphorus using metal adatoms.