CA2DM Waiver Program

One of the main objectives of CA2DM is to provide access to top-notch facilities in the area of 2D materials to our members. In order to stimulate research in the area of 2D materials and to facilitate the access of our members to our facilities, we decided to create a new waiver program that will be available to all Assistant and Associate Professors who are CA2DM members.

CA2DM members are invited to submit projects to a committee composed of the Chairman and the 4 CA2DM Heads (Prof. Lim, Prof. Loh, Prof. Feng, and Prof. Oezyilmaz). In order to avoid conflict of interest, Chairman and Heads cannot participate in the projects.

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A successful CA2DM workshop by V. Olevano and P. Trevisanutto

Between 30 March and 4 April, 2017, the CA2DM hosted a series of 4 seminars in the format of an informal workshop on ab initio theories for electronic excitations and spectroscopy.

Prof. Valerio Olevano (Institut Néel, Grenoble, France) and Dr Paolo. E. Trevisanutto (CA2DM, NUS) conducted lectures that covered the state of the art in implementations of many-body perturbation theories to DFT, which is essential to accurately describe excitations, optical absorption, screening, etc. in condensed matter systems.

This was a very successful event among research staff and graduate students (with a standing-room only attendance rate) and an opportunity to expose our research team to the experience of these specialists and practitioners directly involved in developing and using the latest methods (and code) to tackle electronic interactions ab initio.

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US-Singapore Summer Exchange Scholarship Programme

The US-Singapore Summer Exchange Scholarship Programme commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Singapore and the US in 2016. Jointly funded by the Government of Singapore and selected US companies and organisations, the Scholarship Programme will promote greater interaction and mutual understanding between the next generation of Singaporeans and Americans, by allowing recipients to attend a university summer programme in each other’s countries.

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Singapore ranked 6th among the world’s most innovative economies

According to the 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index released on Tuesday (Jan 17), Singapore is the 6th most innovative economy in the world.

Singapore ranked first in the world for tertiary efficiency, 5th for manufacturing value added and came in 6th for researcher concentration (defined by the number of professionals, including postgraduate PhD students, engaged in R&D per million population). The other categories all saw Singapore placed among the top 20 — coming in 14th for R&D intensity, 12th for productivity, 17th for high-tech density, and 12th for patent activity.

CA2DM Director among world’s most highly cited researchers

Eleven NUS scientists, including CA2DM Director Prof. Antonio Castro Neto, have been named among the most prominent researchers in the world by Clarivate Analytics, the former Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters. The Highly Cited Researchers 2016 report revealed that the University also recorded the most number of highly cited researchers among research institutions in Singapore for the third consecutive year.

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