CA2DM Waiver Program

One of the main objectives of CA2DM is to provide access to top-notch facilities in the area of 2D materials to our members. In order to stimulate research in the area of 2D materials and to facilitate the access of our members to our facilities, we decided to create a new waiver program that will be available to all Assistant and Associate Professors who are CA2DM members.

CA2DM members are invited to submit projects to a committee composed of the Chairman and the 4 CA2DM Heads (Prof. Lim, Prof. Loh, Prof. Feng, and Prof. Oezyilmaz). In order to avoid conflict of interest, Chairman and Heads cannot participate in the projects.

Interested members should submit their projects to The deadline for submission will be on  June 1st, 2017.

The projects should be written in 2 pages maximum (including figures and bibliography).

The winners will be announced on July 1st,  2017. The waiver program will start on August 1st, 2017.