CA2DM Industrialisation Incentive Programme (IIP)

CA2DM is launching the Industrialization Incentive Programme (IIP) in conjunction with the Waiver Programme that was launched 2 weeks ago.

The IIP aims to provide incentives to CA2DM’s investigators with a potential to industrialize the applications of their research, thereby assisting them to start-up companies providing products related to this research.

It is well known that the operational costs for starting up a new company, especially in high tech, are very high. However, in alignment with Singapore’s RIE2020 programme, CA2DM has as one of its main goals to support the creation of value to Singapore in terms of intellectual property and spinoff companies that will produce new jobs.

In order to facilitate that, we offer to support the start-up of your entrepreneurial journey by subsidizing the fabrication costs of your prototypes in the following manner:

First and second year of using MNFF

– Pay the same price as our privileged CA2DM/2D research members, i.e $7,000/user with 120 hours of free tool usage. Above 120 hours, you pay a nominal price ranging from $20/hr to $300/hr, with free training and technical support provided by our MNFF technical staff;

Third year onwards

– CA2DM director will discuss the rebate % with CEOs of the start-up companies based on the companies’ progress and performance.

The condition for being able to apply for this program is that the investigator must be a partner (hold at least 10% of shares) in a company incorporated in Singapore. The Programme is opened to ALL CA2DM personnel (staff, students, RFs, Professors).

Interested parties are invited to submit their projects to with the information of your company and your project’s write-up (including figures and bibliography, maximum 2 pages, Arial font 12).

Successful applicants will be notified separately.