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Observation of Fermi arc surface states in a topological metal

TitleObservation of Fermi arc surface states in a topological metal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsXu, Su-Yang, Liu Chang, Kushwaha Satya K., Sankar Raman, Krizan Jason W., Belopolski Ilya, Neupane Madhab, Bian Guang, Alidoust Nasser, Chang Tay-Rong, Jeng Horng-Tay, Huang Cheng-Yi, Tsai Wei-Feng, Lin Hsin, Shibayev Pavel P., Chou Fang-Cheng, Cava Robert J., and Hasan Zahid M.
Date Published01/2015
Keywordsdirac semimetals, insulator, phase-transition, quantum spin hall

The topology of the electronic structure of a crystal is manifested in its surface states. Recently, a distinct topological state has been proposed in metals or semimetals whose spin-orbit band structure features three-dimensional Dirac quasiparticles. We used angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy to experimentally observe a pair of spin-polarized Fermi arc surface states on the surface of the Dirac semimetal Na3Bi at its native chemical potential. Our systematic results collectively identify a topological phase in a gapless material. The observed Fermi arc surface states open research frontiers in fundamental physics and possibly in spintronics.


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