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2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures

Title2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsNovoselov, K. S., Mishchenko A., Carvalho A., and Neto A. H. Castro
Date Published07/2016
Keywords2-dimensional atomic crystals, charge-density-wave, chemical-vapor-deposition, epitaxial-growth, exciton binding-energy, field-effect transistors, hexagonal boron-nitride, layer black phosphorus, p-n diodes, transition-metal dichalcogenides

The physics of two-dimensional ( 2D) materials and heterostructures based on such crystals has been developing extremely fast. With these new materials, truly 2D physics has begun to appear ( for instance, the absence of long-range order, 2D excitons, commensurate-incommensurate transition, etc.). Novel heterostructure devices-such as tunneling transistors, resonant tunneling diodes, and light-emitting diodes-are also starting to emerge. Composed from individual 2D crystals, such devices use the properties of those materials to create functionalities that are not accessible in other heterostructures. Here we review the properties of novel 2D crystals and examine how their properties are used in new heterostructure devices.


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